First, let me welcome you to Red River Cowboy Church. Every week people come from near and far to attend our worship services. People usually come to RRCC the first time out of curiosity. The reason they give for coming the second time is almost always the same: they feel at home here.

What is it about Cowboy Church that makes people feel that way? For some, it is the preaching. The sermons at RRCC are always Biblical and relevant. We spend our time together looking into God’s word and exploring how it applies to our lives. At Cowboy Church, we are not about theory or ivory towers, but how to actually live out the faith. For others, it’s the openness. At Cowboy Church, it doesn’t matter what you look like or where you’ve been-you will be treated like you belong. Divorced or married, black or white, Harley or horse, boots or suits-it doesn’t matter, you will be welcome here. Not only that, but you will FEEL welcome here. That’s the reason people say they keep coming back.

In the Old West, there were two types of people; Settlers and Pioneers. The settler was someone who put down roots. Their goal was security for themselves and their family. They created stability and traditions that provided them with this security, but often at the cost of adventure and excitement. The pioneer was someone who tackled the open range. He staked his life on promises of something more for himself and his family. He packed up and took off for parts unknown; often risking his life and reputation for new horizons.

I believe the settler spirit and the pioneer spirit continues to be present in our churches. However, today’s world is constantly changing and the settler spirit can quickly become stagnant and lacking of a faith that pleases God. My desire is for Red River Cowboy Church to be filled with pioneer spirits. With God as our Trail Boss, I want to lead this church to explore new ways to minister to the people in this area. Life can be hectic and people need a real relationship with Christ, for He is the Great Trail Blazer. RRCC recognizes the wide open spaces where there is a need for ministry. It also recognizes a need for people to feel wanted and loved so that they can worship the One who loves them. I once read a quote, “Life is not a problem to be solved, but an adventure to be lived.” The Bible tells us about this adventure in Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” My prayer is that Red River Cowboy Church will encourage and support you to live out the adventure God has planned specifically for you.

~Bro. Clyde

Clyde grew up around the Red River Valley. He learned to love the Cowboy Way by watching western movies and practicing his gun fighting skills with his younger brother. His dad taught him about horses, cattle, and a love for the land. In 1962, Clyde married his childhood friend, whom right before high school graduation he had “taken a shine to”. Marriage and raising four daughters proved to be an adventure that kept them close to the Lord. Their daughters and son-in-laws have blessed the family with five grandsons and two granddaughters. With the recent birth of a great-granddaughter, a new generational frontier has opened for this Pioneer family. For thirty-five years, Clyde has pastored traditional Baptist churches in Texas and Louisiana.  However, he has been amazed at how Cowboy Church has changed the lives of so many individuals and families and looks forward to what is lies ahead at Red River Cowboy Church.